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Show yourself what you're capable of - join my fitness classes today!

Your body is an amazing thing, so give it the care it deserves. Start your journey to a healthier lifestyle with fitness classes with Simon Newhill Pt in Tenbury Wells. From group cardio classes to one-on-one muscle training, you'll find the option that's right for you.

Ready to step up?

Poor fitness and health can soon take their toll on our bodies and our mental wellbeing. But one of the hardest things about following a balanced diet and fitness regime is maintaining the momentum to stay motivated. As many of my clients across Tenbury Wells will vouch for, my energetic and fun classes will keep you engaged and eager to keep going.

Having dedicated over 8 years to your fitness, I am here to guide you through every routine and ensure you feel welcomed and at ease. Although I'll always ensure you're 100% comfortable, my role is to push you to reach greater heights, so you can be sure I'll be rooting for you to overcome any fitness challenges! Give me a call to discuss availability and to book.

Get that heart pumping!

Cardio (cardiovascular training) is a great way to shred fat whilst strengthening muscle. Breaking a sweat can also release stress hormones and encourage the production of endorphins that elevate the mood, making this type of workout perfect for physical and mental wellbeing! I'll combine a variety of routines to get your body moving and to burn those calories!

High intensity training

If you're ready to feel the burn, high intensity interval training is for you! These short, fast-paced workouts consist of cardio exercises without the long break in between, keeping your heart rate elevated and your body working. By joining workouts with Simon Newhill PT, you could see your endurance and fitness levels improve in no time!

At the Gym

A stronger you

Strength training combines weights and movement to tone all areas of the body and leave you feeling stronger. Depending on the goals of my clients, these sessions can be carried out at Gym HQ in Tenbury Wells, through group classes and on a freelance basis.

Work with a supportive PT

You're not on your own. I'll be cheering you on each step of the way.

Exercise for everyone

Join my fitness classes for just £5 per hour or enjoy a 1-2-1 session for £25 per hour.

Prioritise your health

Fitness is just an entry point to improve in other areas of your life.

Times that suit your schedule

My fitness classes are held Tuesdays and Thursdays, 6 pm-7 pm, and PT sessions can be flexible.

Core Fitness

"I have recently started PT sessions with Simon and am really enjoying it and can definitely see the improvement in my overall fitness but also flexibility and core strength.

I let my fitness slip due to arrival of a newborn and then Covid, so I was a little nervous about getting back into shape, but Simon is a great instructor. The sessions are a good mix of strength, cardio and core and there's plenty of variety so an hour passes quickly. Yes, it's hard work but that's the point, right?! The gym he runs the sessions from is very friendly and well equipped, and he has been flexible around timings so that I can fit it in around family and work. Highly recommended."

Paul W,

Ready to challenge yourself?

Start at your pace and let me help you push past those boundaries! Start fitness classes or PT sessions with Simon Newhill Pt today. Call me on 07766 880366 for bookings.